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A neat-written volume

A new post from one of the volunteer team at the Museum of Childhood Edinburgh. Lovely stuff!

Stories of Childhood

“The Evergreen Chain is a magazine
Of far & wide renown.
The writers are, some of them, not thirteen,
And the head of it all is lovely “Miss Brown.”
“It goes on its round each month in the year,
The addresses are given inside,
The rules are not strictly kept, I fear,
Which the Editor made as a General Guide.”
“Towards the end of the month come letter, with curses,
From the justly impatient “Miss Brown”:-
“Oh, where are your drawings, your stories & verses?

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A Photographer’s Childhood

Hello World, 1979. Copyright Victoria & Albert Museum London/John Heywood

Hello World, 1979. Copyright Victoria & Albert Museum London/John Heywood


Over at Collecting Childhood’s new home on the main website of the V&A Museum of Childhood, you can hear photographer John Heywood talking about his childhood, taking pictures, and what he’s learned about children. And, see many more of his wonderful photographs.

Come, listen, look!

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Mary B.313-1994


Mary Kempson is a woman from west London who donated hundreds of things to the Museum in the 1980s and 90s. Her original gift, a group of dolls, was quickly followed by teddies, baby clothes, board games, birthday cards, school books, holiday souvenirs, and much more. A new installation at the Museum brings her objects together with photographs and interview quotes – putting faces and voices to this collection of things. Continue reading

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