About this blog

My name is Alice Sage and I’m Curator at the V&A Museum of Childhood in Bethnal Green.

As well as curating exhibitions and looking after the thousands of objects in our care, the Collections team at the Museum deal with hundreds of enquiries every year from researchers, collectors, and interested visitors. In the course of researching our displays and answering these questions, we learn more about our collection, and even unearth stories from the Museum’s past.

In this blog, I explore the stories of objects and people in our collection of childhood.

For more about the V&A Museum of Childhood, visit our website.  And Search the Collections is the place to browse the millions of objects in the collection of the V&A.

All the images on this site (unless otherwise credited) are copyright the V&A Museum, London – please don’t reproduce them without permission. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “About this blog

  1. Sorcha Lenagh says:

    I was intrigued to read a blog entry from summer 2012 about the museum’s acquisition of an archive collection of Child Education magazines. I have fond childhood memories of my mother, a primary teacher, receiving these. I particularly loved the posters and stories from the Christmas issues. A few years ago, shortly before her death, I tried to find a particular old Christmas issue as a present for her but was unsuccessful. Unfortunately I can’t remember what year it was from but it would have been sometime between the mid sixties and the mid seventies. Just out of interest I wondered if your archive contains all the Christmas issues from this period?

  2. meriflower says:

    Hello! I have a question…If i visited the Childhood museum and i would like to post an article on my blog with the pictures i took and the infos that i gathered , is it ok? Or do i break any law ? Please let me know as I would have liked to post them and promote the museum.

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